2014 Main Event: All-American Lumberjack Show!

Join us for the 33rd annual Good Ol’ Days festival June 6 – 7, 2014. Back in the line-up this year is the All-American Lumberjack Show.

Lumberjacks opened the land to farms and cities, help build America and became the legends of the forest. The legend lives on in the All-American Lumberjack Show that will feature many events, 10,000 gallons of water and a good time for all.

Lumberjack competition has been around for a long time and each competitive event was developed from a skill that a logger needed in the woods. The show features the exciting traditional “old-time skills” of Log Rolling, X-Cut Sawing, Ax Throwing, Buck Sawing and Boom Racing. In addition, chain saw events of Obstacle Pole Racing, Spring Board Tree Topping, Stock Saw Racing and Hot Saw Racing will feature the skills of today’s loggers. For the adventurous, they have the Lumberjack Sport Camps…free to everyone young and old.

Lumberjack events of X-Cut Sawing and Log Rolling will be taught by the Pro’s. Between the shows, you’re invited to sit back and watch as lumberjacks with nothing but a chain saw, a plain old log and a lot of practice carve just about anything imaginable including bears, eagles, turtles, fish, cactus, frogs and mushrooms. Bring your wallet, the carvings are for sale!

When the sawdust settles and the show is over, you’re invited to meet the lumberjacks, get an autograph, take pictures and, of course, “brag a little.”

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